Two Shaft Shredder for BIOWASTE in CZECH!

Last week we have delivered to our dealer Codet in Czech a new Mammoth 1300 for shreddering Biowaste to ca 50mm. This shredder will works daily 16 hours, 365 days in a year. 

We have designed a new knive system, so you can easy change the hooks, and do maintenance on it. Also the acces of maintenance is easy.

Together with our partner ELEKTROMOTOREN EMMEN / DELFZIJL we have designed a special control cabin for our client, on the wishes for our client. With a special software and settings, so the machine can run very efficient.

EUROPE SHREDDERS wish CODET and his client a lot of SHREDFUN with the Mammoth 1300 two shaft shredder!

Special futures on this Shredder

  • Knives are easy to change, also easy to change the settings of the knives
  • Special designed motors - 2x 55kW Rotor motor. More effiecient and more powerfull
  • 6 hooks on 1 blade.

This Two Shaft Shredder will work in a Biomass project, and the shredders will shred wood to 50mm. The shredder can handle different kind of materials, like: Scrap, hard plastics, cars etc.


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