Electronic waste Plant

Electronic waste Plant delivered and installed on location around the world. Europe shredders deliver complete electronic waste plants with European quality and all strict European safety standards at very competitive prices! 

Our head office is in the Netherlands, but we have dealers and sales managers in all continents. Do you have a question about our products or do you want to come into direct contact with a sales manager or dealer in your country? Complete the contact form without any obligation. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Complete Electronic waste Plant or just a separate shredder?

Europe Shredders specializes in selling heavy duty industrial shredders and grandulators. But also the delivery and installation of a complete recycling plant is something we have specialized in over the past years. In recent years we have placed various recycling production lines in continents such as Africa, Europe and America. This includes tire recycling plants and plastic washing plants.

In most cases clients come to us with a clear beginning and end product, we create the reycling line for this. For example, with this Electronic waste Plant the client clearly had in mind which products were delivered and how he wanted the commercial waste to be sorted with the dimensions. particles of 4 millimeters max, copper, plastic and other metals separated separately.

Are you looking for a single or double shredder or do you want to know what the possibilities are to have a complete recycling plant designed and installed? Feel free to contact us by skilling the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Vertical shredder E-waste / Metal / Refrigerator

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