Industrial Shredders.

Our name stands for our strengths. We deliver high-quality shredders that meet European quality and safety standards.

Besides delivering industrial shredders, we also provide tailored advice. In many cases, a company contacts us with a specific question about the final product. For example: The company wants to use rubber shred to produce a new rubber product or as a component for a new product. We can advise how best to do that.

Do you have such a question? Europe Shredders’ product specialists are there to answer all your queries.

We supply shredders for different purposes. As such, we deliver shredders for shredding wood, rubber, plastic, or metals. Besides industrial shredders, Europe Shredders supplies complete recycling plants and various recycling machines. Would you like more information or do you have specific questions about our shredders? Simply fill in the contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Single Shaft Shredders

Single Shaft Shredders are reduction machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a uniform particle size. This includes aluminum, plastics, paper, cables, and rubber.

The end products from these Single Shaft Shredders can be sold or internally recycled into a new product.

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Two Shaft Shredders

Two Shaft Shredders, also called dual shredders, are highly suitable for heavier work. Often the Two Shaft Shredders work with opposing shafts that rotate against each other.

In most cases, the Two Shaft Shredders have been made heavier, which makes them extremely suitable for heavier work in larger volumes. These dual shredders are mainly used for metals and stone.

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Rotating blade granulators are designed for the finest shredder work. The rolls and blades of these machines are made of extra hardened metal and can produce a finished product up to 4 mm.

To arrive at the desired final product, granulators are often used in a recycling plan after a Single Shaft Shredder or Two Shaft Shredder .

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Single Shaft Shredders

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