Europe Shredders offers a variety of products which can be used in several ways. We find it important that our customers are informed about the products we sell.

We sell Single-Shaft Shredders, Two-Shaft Shredders, Granulators and Recycling plants.

The Single-Shaft shredders (also known as One-Shaft Shredders) can be applicated to process lots of materials, like Plastics, Aluminium, Wood, Textiles and Copper. The reason shredding these materials is interesting is because the end product, the commercial waste, often can be sold. It also can be processed further through additional equipment.

The Single-Shaft Shredders we offer are: Leopard Shredders, Panther Shredders and the Tiger Shredder.

Shredder applications

Two-Shaft shredders (also called Dual-Shaft shredders) are interesting if you are looking for a machine that is capable of processing heavier materials than the Single-Shaft shredder. The following materials can be processed through the Two-Shaft shredder:

  • Hard Plastic
  • Steel
  • Paper in large quantities
  • Wood
This machine is more powerful than the Single-Shaft Shredder because it works with two opposing rotors that collide with each other. Because of this the Two-shaft Shredder is highly suitable for work in larger volumes and with a heavier work load.
The Two-Shaft Shredders we offer are the Rhino small-medium size shredder and the Mommoth Two-Shaft Shredder


If you are willing to process your materials into the smallest size as possible, a Granulator from Europe Shredders is all you need. Most of the time the granulator is placed directly next to the Shredder and it can process a finished product op to 4 millimetre.

This is possible because a granulator works with rotating blades that are made of extra hardened metal. A Granulator can be used to process all products that come out of a Single or Two-Shaft shredder. The Granulators we offer are the Spider Granulator and the Scorpion Granulator.
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