Plastic shredder

Plastic Shredders with the highest European quality!

Plastic shredder

Plastic shredders are reduction machines that are capable of processing Plastic in to a uniform particle size. This kind of shredder can also be used for a wide variety of materials like: aluminium, paper, plastics and cables. The Plastic shredder is capable of shredding tires and therefore making tire recycling easier. The end product, the Plastic waste, can often be sold .

Europe Shredders provides a wide range of high-quality shredders, waste and recycling plants, durable and reliable with the highest European quality.

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Plastic shredder for sale

We supply: single shaft Plastic shredders, two shaft Plastic shredders and Plastic granulators. But also we can set up complete Plastic recycling plant. Because we have a wide variety of of high quality shredders, granulators and recycling plants for sale, we make sure you always find your perfect shredder to process your Plastic!

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Plastic waste

The material that comes from the shredder or recycling plant is called commercial waste. This is because there is value in the final product. In most cases, the Plastic waste is sold to a next company that recycles the Plastic waste into a new final product. Of course, the Plastic waste can also be used to make a new product in the company that shred it.

With our industrial shredders and granulators, it is possible to produce a Plastic waste of only 4mm size!

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