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Heavy duty industrial shredder with European quality and European safety standards but at competitive prices!

The best industrial shredders for sale

Do you want to buy an industrial shredder, but do not know where to start? 

The offer is large and the prices are far apart, where do these price differences come from? And how do I know which shredder is suitable for me? Various questions that our sales people often hear from our customers..

First we would like to explain the price differences: All shredders we supply have the best European quality and comply with all strict European safety requirements. If you buy a shredder from us you know that only the best materials have been used to build the device as solidly as possible. This of course benefits the life of our machines! 

But also the strength of our electric motors is much better, the chance that a electric motor breaks down in a shredder with heaviest European quality is of course much smaller than with less well built shredders.

Which shredder should I buy?

In order to answer this question, we first need to know what you want to do with it. If you want to chop metal, you obviously need a different machine if you want to chop rubber. This is because rubber is much softer and requires a much less powerful machine.

In addition, the quantity is important, do you want to eliminate a large quantity of waste or are the numbers not so very high? And what we need to know is which end product you want to keep (which commercial waste). In some cases sufficient in a shredder or granulator, but perhaps the advice is to place a complete recycling plant.

in short, there is not one perfect shredder for everyone.this is because everyone uses the shredder differently or has a different purpose. Do you want to know which shredder is best for your situation? Do you want to know which shredder you have to buy?

please contact our advisors without any obligation, in a personal meeting we can look together with you for the best solution!

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