Aluminium waste

A new life for used aluminum!

Aluminum waste

Aluminum material that is shred by a recycling plant or shredder is called ‘’commercial aluminum waste’’. Commercial aluminum waste consists valuable waste that can be sold and used as a basis to produce new products. Europe Shredders provides a variety of shredders (Single shaft shredder, Two shaft shredder, Granulator) to create this commercial/valuable waste. By combining these shredders, we can provide you a complete recycling plant suitable for all sorts of materials and recycling industries.

Aluminum recycling

Aluminum waste can very simple be shredded and melted (recycled) and be re-used as raw material for example: profiles, plate sheets, shates, liquid aluminum, ingots etc. Europe Shredders offers you a very reliable and powerful shredder with special rotating shears especially made for processing aluminum. No matter what situation you’re in, Europe Shredders can always provide a simple solution to reduce your aluminum waste!

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Europe Shredders

Europe Shredders provides a wide range of high-quality shredders, waste, and recycling plants. Durable and reliable with the highest European quality. We supply shredders for different purposes. Are you looking for a solution to shred rubber, wood, paper, metal, or plastic? Europe Shredders always has a suitable high-quality machine. Europe Shredders not only supplies the shredder, but also helps you to obtain a complete solution. Are you just looking for an industrial shredder or do you want to build a complete recycling plant? At European Shredders, you’re at the right place. Whatever your need, European Shredders can help you.

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