Tire waste

A new life for used tires!

Tire waste

Old, used tires can be recycled. Europe Shredders can provide you with a tire shredder to help you with recycling tires.

A tire usually consists of three products: rubber, steel and nylon. A complete tire recycling plant can make sure these products are separated. The end product after shredding the tires can now be put in to three different categories: commercial rubber waste, commercial steel waste and commercial nylon waste.

The commercial rubber waste is the most interesting of the three. This is also called rubber granulate and can be used for example artificial grass. Little rubber grains are put into the fields to recreate the feeling of a real grass pitch.

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Tire waste from tire shredders

Tire shredders are machines that are capable of processing whole tires into little pieces. This tire waste can further be processed by an tire recycling plant.

Europe Shredders sells shredders and recycling plants. These can be used to recycle old tires.

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Shredders at Europe Shredders

Shredders are heavy machines and need to be placed by a professional. This is why we place the shredder or recycling plant our self if you order at Europe Shredders. It doesn’t matter where you are on this world, we can always guarantee you that the machine is placed at the location you desire.

We supply shredders for a wide range of purposes. Are you looking for a solution to shred tires, rubber, wood, paper, metal, or plastic? Europe Shredders always has a suitable high-quality machine.

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